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I started the application process for universities in 2018 after I finished my CAPE exams. It was hard for my single parent mom to figure out a lot and we thought that the services and assistance we were receiving from another college agent was going to be enough. However, we learnt that the person was only applying to costly universities and none of the applications were even completed! In 2020, 1SASS came just in time. The sessions were professional, cost effective and conducted in a welcoming environment.

My first meeting with them exceeded my expectations. Instead of the mundane questions about finances and my preferred location for studying, they provided a tailored list of universities and options to suit me as an individual. 1SASS guided my mom and I through every step with ease and patience. In March of 2020 I accepted my application to Brock University, Canada and even when the pandemic hit, they were able to make the relevant arrangements for me to start my degree in January. I am now in St. Catharines in my first year as a Psychology major. As my school looks forward to resuming in-person classes, I am grateful I took that leap of faith and for all that 1SASS has done for me and my mom.

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