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Who or What is 1SASS?

1SASS (Study Abroad Student Services) is one body of partner institutions, specialists and service providers and services covering multiple territories with one aim: to assist international students seeking to study abroad at tertiary institutions.

Where do i Start?

Why We Do It

The answer is simple: because we have been where you are. We get it. 1SASS’ culture aims to deliver a complete service and product to and for you, our client. We see the challenges that well-deserving students who are potential scholarship awardees experience and how daunting a task it can be to tell one’s own story – beyond the school transcripts! We are here to help you.


Let’s cover the basics: do you have a school in mind? Have you done a scholarship search? What about your admissions essay? We will guide you with what to expect and get you on the right path.


No stone is left unturned to ensure that your best interest is served. Once you satisfy the requirements of the READY phase we welcome you to SET: the “make or break” part of the process.


You have the green light: final clearances are underway and there’s no turning back. It is “go” time!

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