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OUR vision 

To provide quality study abroad services which satisfy and exceed expectations. Over the next three (3) years, 1SASS will expand to reach thousands of students resulting in exponential increase of enrolled full-time students from the Caribbean to their target tertiary institutions.


1SASS is focused on bridging information and service gaps between:

Students and target institutions of higher learning (colleges and universities)

Parents/guardians and target institutions of higher learning

Local and overseas institutions of higher learning

Teachers and overseas institutions of higher learning

Teachers and parents/guardians


Professionalism, Respect, Accuracy, Efficiency and Integrity

core team 

Our Core Team is comprised of the Directors, Strategy & Business Development Head, Specialists, and Administration, who work together to contribute in-depth scope of service and experience to 1SASS. The Directors handle the Executive Leadership and Management of the business in harmony with the Strategy & Business Development Head while the Team Lead Specialists work in the technical areas to ensure sound content and quality service delivery is maintained. The Administrator provides critical support as part of this Core Team to ensure effective administration, operational integrity and transparency is championed.


the picture 

1SASS’ culture aims to deliver a complete service and product to and for you, our client. With this in mind, we see the challenges that
well-deserving students who are potential scholarship awardees in various fields experience and how daunting a task it can be to tell one’s own story – beyond the school transcripts! As a result, every potential SASS candidate, especially those in our Ready! Set! Go! Phases should hear of its remarkable promise – that, once applied – he will achieve real breakthroughs over a period of sessions taking classes after work or school for an affordable rate.

1SASS will deliver on this promise through a careful, systematic teaching process, careful qualification of students and checkpoints for student learning including engaging and thought-provoking activities to stimulate the best results. We expect to see a positive impact in a significant number of students who, after completing and submitting their final college university/applications, would join our group of 1SASS alumni and be happy to record audio and video testimonials of their journey.

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Our Process

Engagement of Candidates

Preparation of Candidates

Presentation of Candidates

Our Network

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