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Scholarship Research

A collated list of updated scholarship opportunities from public and private sources worldwide.

Video Documentaries

Feature student documentaries providing insight into the lives of each candidate for target institutions’ college/university application packages.

Admissions / Scholarship Essay Writing

Technical assistance to help candidates write authentic work worthy of the target reader’s attention.

Foreign Language Services

Provides the ability for candidates to boost their confidence by comfortably engaging/conversing in another language and culture.


Evaluates candidates’ needs and preferences and matches them to the best ‘fit’ institution for their success.

Career Guidance

A journey of self-discovery, providing clarity and direction to candidate as they seek their unique career path.

Legal Advisement & Services

Candidates’ unique legal concerns can be addressed
as necessary.


Candidate Assessments

A structured diagnostic which identifies areas for specialists to provide immediate and effective intervention to candidates.

Immigration Advisement & Services

Candidates’ unique immigration requirements can be fulfilled, depending on their intended school and destination.

On-Call care & Support Services

Specialists/subject-matter expert team who provide on-call and in-person counselling support to candidates and family members.

Mentoring Services / Circle of Mentors

Candidates connect and have conversations with former students/working professionals who have returned “home” from studying abroad.

Off-Campus Student Housing

Network of regional and international connections who provide off-campus housing to university students based on unique requirements.

College / University Application

Seamless and thorough completion of candidates college/university application packages.

Financial Advisement & Services

Multiple financing options are presented which would assist with funding before, during and even after studying abroad.


Online platform which provides supplemental learning material and a Question & Answer forum for open engagement on related topics of interest.

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