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Study Abroad Student Services (1SASS)

1SASS (Study Abroad Student Services) is a body of diverse student services covering multiple territories, with one AIM:

“To assist Caribbean/International students seeking to study abroad in tertiary institutions.”

Our Vision

To be a premier provider of bespoke study abroad services which satisfy and exceed all expectations.


Our Mission

SASS Ltd focuses its attention on bridging information and service gaps between:

  • Students and target institutions of higher learning (colleges and universities)
  • Parents/guardians and target institutions of higher learning
  • Local and overseas institutions of higher learning
  • Teachers and overseas institutions of higher learning
  • Teachers and parents/guardians

Why We Do It

The answer is simple: We’ve Been Where You Are, so we get it!

Whether you – the person reading this – are a hopeful student, an anxious parent/guardian/relative, the encouraging teacher/friend, or a college/university representative looking for that special student, We Are Here to help. Every member of our core team has studied and/or worked abroad and recognizes the importance of being prepared for this life-changing experience.

It was through participation in college recruitment activities in the Caribbean that we saw the urgent need to fill the information and service gaps which exist among students, parents/guardians and institutions of higher learning.

To this end, 1SASS aims to meet the needs of Caribbean and international students seeking admission into tertiary institutions, as well as, those very colleges and universities who are seeking to enroll Caribbean/international students into their academic programmes.

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