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Please use the checklist below
to ensure you have accounted for
all items applicable to you.

    Study Abroad Student Services is compliant with GDPR and/or Information Privacy Laws (as relevant), therefore:

    1. Any and all information submitted shall be archived and remain strictly confidential

    2. Information submitted shall not be used or referenced for any purpose outside of its intent (i.e. College / University Application process).

    3. A “Request for Information” from a school or institution shall first be communicated to the Candidate for their written consent via electronic mail (email), SMS / text message, or other modern means of written / typed communication.

    • Certificate of Birth
      o Legal Affidavit or Deed Poll if Candidate’s name is different from Birth Certificate
    • Passport – showing the National
    • Identification (ID) page
    • Marriage Certificate – where applicable
    • Academic Certificates
      o Ordinary Level (O’ Level) Certificate or equivalent
      o Advanced Level (A’ Level) Certificate or equivalent
      o Unofficial secondary school transcripts
      o Final Exams results [accepted only in cases where certificates are not yet available]
    • Non-native English speakers (or, if English is not your country’s official language) may provide
      o TOEFL score of 500 or greater (paper-based) or 82 (internet-based)
      o IELTS Cambridge 6.5 total exam score (minimum)
      o Duolingo score of 105-120 (program requirements may vary)
    • Supplemental Documents may include:
      o Employment History (Career Profile)
      o Athletic History (Sport Profile)
      o Other notable contributions
    • Immunization Card and/or Medical History Record
    • Police Certificate / Police Clearance document showing no criminal charges or convictions

    An *Under-Graduate Applicant will also provide:

    • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
    • Complete Admission Essay (or a proper draft if
      your school or program of interest is unknown)
    • Unofficial post-secondary transcripts and
      certificate or diploma (as relevant)
      *(You are an Under-Graduate Applicant if you
      intend to pursue a Certificate, Diploma / Advanced
      Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree.)

    A *Post-Graduate Applicant will also provide:

    • Four (4) Letters of Recommendation
    • Complete Statement of Intent (some programs may
      require an Under-Graduate Profile / Project as well)
    • Unofficial Bachelor degree transcript or Under-Graduate
      transcript with Awarded Certificate or Diploma
      *(You are a Post-Graduate Applicant if you intend to pursue
      a Post-Graduate Certificate, Post-Baccalaureate Diploma,
      Master Degree or Doctoral Degree.)

    Important Note

    1. Applications will not be considered if there is any indication that the accompanying documents have been altered from the original in any way.
    2. 1SASS reserves the right to reject documents, withdraw an offer/prohibit registration if the documents are found to be based in whole or in part on deception or fraud.
    3. 1SASS may seek to verify any information submitted by contacting relevant persons/officials.
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