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All honor and glory goes to God as I give this testimony. Judah played football but is more academically inclined. He did up to form six CAPE at St. George’s college and excelled.

Judah was supposed to start studying at a University in Canada in 2017 with the guidance of the Directors from 1SASS ; but because of financial constraints we had to put a hold on it ; but he is fully qualified.

Judah’s goal was to study abroad since he was in college . We did not know how to begin to guide him as parents. But with 1SASS they made it happen for us through prayer. Ms. Jones always end her sessions with prayer and if needed in between she would pray. He took classes in preparation to study abroad.

My husband and I were called to a meeting where we spoke with the Director of 1SASS about finances. She is very detailed and used a white board with her computer and showed us every financial detail ; to ensure we understood.

Judah is a focused young man with a lot of goals and dreams. He is a motivator and mentor to young people in Trinidad. He is serious and we know that this season is God’s will for his life.

He left Trinidad on the 1st January 2020 . Is presently at Trine University in Indiana . Has orientation today 3rd January and would be pursuing Computer Science .

It is our pleasure and privilege as a family to highly recommend 1SASS with Ms. Esther Jones and Mr. Damion……. as Directors .They are dedicated, committed, ‘sold out’, responsible mentors who would guide and direct you and your child/children from the beginning of their career until he/she has accomplished their dreams.

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